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Crane Berry Campground has new owners as of May 2022.  It is owned by Chris, Emily and Wylder Petry.   We are a family owned and operated campground that welcomes all.  


A little about us….


Chris grew up in Wisconsin but moved to Colorado to try out the life of a ski bum in his late teens. Emily grew up in Idaho and moved to Colorado for a change of scene and that’s where we met. We immediately bonded over our mutual love for travel, food and adventure and were married in Evergreen, Colorado in 2014.


We have been looking for an opportunity to purchase a business for years but after having our son in 2021 we felt like it was time to make it happen. We thought we would end up with a hostel or BnB but when we saw Crane Berry Campground for sale it immediately sparked our interest. We also liked that it was so near to our family that lives in Wisconsin.


We’re really looking forward to this next adventure and we’re excited to see where this opportunity takes us.

The campground has 40 campsites on 8 acres of land.  It has a mix of daily and seasonal campers.


The campground was founded in 1973 by Beverly and Arnold Glorvigen.  They named it "Country Air".

The Glovigens are former owners of Baker Drive Grovers and Arnie's Little Super market in Wisconsin Rapids.  He also was employed by Consolidated Papers, Inc. for 43 years.

The campground was then sold to Al and Lorri Allison in 1984.  The name was then updated to "Country Aire Camping Resort". Lorri was known for planning many special weekend events that are still fondly remembered.

The campground then was purchased by Charlie and Nancy Woodworth in 2008. They are the founders of "Frog Fest" the annual weekend party thrown "just because".  They operated the park until July 2021.

John and Derek purchased the campground in Jul 2021.  They changed the name of the campground to "Crane Berry Campground".  Chris and Emily bought the campground in May 2022.

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